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What is Alcoholado?

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If you're new to spiritual colognes or haven't yet heard of Alcoholado, you might be wondering What is Alcoholado and what is it used for? Alcoholado has been used for generations by folks in the Carribbean. Alcoholado is a liquid made with grain alcohol, witch hazel and bay laurel leaf that is used as a spiritual cologne. With its potent and refreshing aroma, alcoholado cologne has become a staple in the sacred practice of many people looking to add more tools to their arsenal of spiritual work, holistic health/wellness and personal development.

Some Uses for Alcoholado:
  • Rub on bug bites and bee stings to take away the pain
  • Rub down the body with Alcoholado when the body is aching from workouts or pulled muscles.
  • Use as a body rub down when you have a cold, flu or fever to stabilize the body.
  • Use in floor washes in the home when someone has passes in your life or when someone has been sick to cleanse the home. Great to mix with non-toxic cleaning supplies.
  • Great for cleaning your aura and energetic field of the body.
  • Can use as an addition to spiritual and detox baths when the body needs restoration.

What is are the ingredients of Alcoholado?

  • Grain alcohol
  • Malagueta (a pepper/spice used in Brazil and throughout the Caribbean)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Bay Laurel Leaf

We currently carry Alcholado in a 4 oz plastic bottle that was made in Peru here on Mothball Memoirs. Are there any other ways that you use Alcholado in your daily practice? Comment down below to put us in the know!



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