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Late Spring Collection

Our capsule collections of basics for your spring wardrobe has just landed. Express yourself inside and out with one of a kind pieces you'll never see someone else show up to the function with. 

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Spiritual Colognes: Florida Water, Kananga Water, Alcholado, Rose Colognes

Spiritual Colognes

Being intentional about your sacred practice makes it that much more abundant. Spiritual colognes are a beautiful addition to your baths and sacred rituals.

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Burning Palo Santo Smudging Palo Santo

Let it Burn

Burning Sage, Palo Santo and Incense is a beautiful way to bring in the fire element of creation and transformation.

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Dreamy Vintage Dresses

Being environmentally conscious doesn't have to sacrifice your sense of style. Express your inner earth angel with our selection of vintage dresses.

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