Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set
Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set
Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set
Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set

Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set

$ 58.00

Elevate your gifting experience with our exclusive Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set – a meticulously handcrafted collection of sacred tools designed to enhance spiritual practices, cleanse the heart chakra, and bring a profound sense of peace to your home environment.

💚The Green Fluorite Dried Floral Gift Box Set includes:

  1. Espiritus del Ande Incense in Rosemary:

   Immerse yourself in the soothing scent of rosemary with Espiritus del Ande Incense. Perfect for enhancing meditation or creating a tranquil atmosphere, this incense stimulates the senses and promotes a sense of clarity.

  1. Frankincense Incense Matches:

   Ignite positive energy with the timeless aroma of frankincense. These convenient incense matches allow you to effortlessly infuse any space with the purifying and grounding essence of this sacred resin.

  1. Hem Incense Cones in Cannabis:

   Experience a unique blend with Hem Incense Cones in Cannabis. Crafted to elevate your senses, this incense creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  1. Rope Incense in Desert Rose:

   Unwind and enjoy the subtle fragrance of desert rose with our Rope Incense. The slow-burning design allows you to savor the calming scent, creating a serene ambiance in your sacred space.

  1. Palo Santo Bundle with Green Fluorite:

   Cleanse and purify your surroundings with the included Palo Santo bundle, accompanied by a Green Fluorite crystal. Green Fluorite is known for its heart-opening properties, making it an ideal companion for chakra balancing and emotional healing.

  1. 3" Clear Quartz Cluster:

Enhance the positive energy in your space with the amplifying properties of a 3" Clear Quartz Cluster. This crystal is perfect for magnifying intentions and promoting overall harmony.

🎁 Intentional Gifting, Ready to Unwrap:

Each Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set is elegantly presented in a recycled kraft box, adorned with sustainable hemp and vegan suede lace. This thoughtfully crafted packaging ensures that your gift is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious – ready for intentional and meaningful gifting.

💰 Unbeatable Value:

Valued at $65, this limited edition set combines the beauty of handcrafted tools with exceptional value, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful gift without compromise.

🌿 How to Use:

Incorporate these sacred tools into your daily rituals, meditation, or moments of reflection. Allow the captivating scents, the beauty of dried florals, and the energy of Green Fluorite to create a sanctuary of peace and balance within your home.

Bring the gift of serenity and intention to your loved ones with the Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set. Order now and experience the transformative power of intentional gifting.

Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set
$ 58.00

Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set

Green Fluorite Incense Gift Box Set
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