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Mothball Memoirs is a creative studio and online shop based in Queens, NY. 

Mothball Memoirs Yanece Cotto

Cultivating Your Sacred Practice

With our sacred goods offerings, our intention is to arm you with the tools to strengthen and deepen your own personal spiritual practice and sacred space. We work with other local + fair-trade businesses that create beautiful products that make our home feel like a sanctuary.

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Vintage Over New

We source vintage from across the country to find those unique, one of a kind pieces that will live in your closet for life. Each item in the shop is hand picked and every piece of clothing is hand-washed with non-toxic detergents, so when your piece arrives on your doorstep - you can slip it on and go. No harsh chemicals on your skin and no mothball smell around these parts.

Mothball Memoirs Yanece Cotto

Minimize Waste & Maximize Style

Mothball Memoirs believes in slow fashion, sustainability and doing our part to contributing to a more green environment. Our shipping + packaging is recyclable and made of recycled materials.

Buying vintage is a great way to keep mementos from the past, while preserving our future by minimizing waste created by consuming fast fashion. For more information about ethical impact of fashion consumption, please visit Trusted Clothes.


Mothball Memoirs Earth Angel Lala

About Lala Lopez 

I founded Mothball Memoirs in 2017 to give folks access to sustainable fashion options and sacred tools that aid in a beautifully intentional lifestyle. 

Through my thirteen year journey, I’ve worked as a fashion stylist, practiced reiki and breathwork healing, developed a passion for self portraiture and fell in love with set design. I use this combined creative and wellness approach as a Creative Director to find contemporary visual narratives for Mothball Memoirs, partner brands and my own personal projects. 

Themes that run throughout my work are connection to self, inner power and the celebration of people of color.



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