Mothball Memoirs is a vintage & sacred goods shop for all women who love to daydream and make their fantasies a reality. We are committed to helping you incorporate vintage clothing & sacred practice into your everyday life. MBM loves sharing the stories of great women through the clothes that make them feel their best.

Our Commitment to You

Vintage clothing has always been an incredible way to express ourselves without sacrificing our individuality. We want you to love your Mothball Memoirs garments so much, that you keep them for life.  Each item in the shop is hand picked and every piece of clothing is hand-washed with all natural, non-toxic detergents, so when your piece arrives on your doorstep - you can slip it on and go. No harsh chemicals on your skin and no mothball smell around these parts.

Cultivating Your Sacred Practice

As women rooted in passion, personal truth and ambition, we must look inward to find our balance, peace and understanding of self. With our sacred goods offerings, we hope to arm you with the tools to strengthen and deepen your own personal spiritual practice and sacred space. Whether you're an incense newbie or a healing guru, we aim to support you along your journey - no matter where you're at.

Minimize Waste & Maximize Style

Mothball Memoirs believes in slow fashion, sustainability and doing our part to contributing to a more green environment. Buying vintage is a great way to keep mementos from the past, while preserving our future by minimizing waste created by consuming fast fashion. For more information about ethical impact of fashion consumption, please visit Trusted Clothes.


Our Founder

Mothball Memoirs was created by Lala Lopez, out of a love for vintage clothing and a celebration of the women that wear them. She has spent the past decade as a content creator & fashion stylist. Lala has used her experience of creating imagery and telling stories to communicate emotion and fantasy with her viewer. Lala writes a blog sharing her personal journey towards self-love and spiritual growth. She's old soul that loves floral prints, peaceful environments and supporting women on their paths toward self-mastery.

We'd love to hear from you! Please email us with your questions, suggestions, love notes or opps for collaboration anytime at hello at hello at mothball memoirs dot com.


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