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Late Spring Come Through: A Moody Moodboard

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Spring has sprung late in New York. We're waiting with baited breath for full on spring weather that will lead us into a dreamy summer season. Because c'mon now - everyone looks and feels better when the weather's warmer, am I right? As we're preparing to release our spring collection in the next few weeks, we're musing on late summer daydreams filled with beautiful portrait photography, moody colors, powerful women, muted scenes and gorgeous clothes.

These are the images embedded in our memory and help us stay focused when we're sourcing new vintage clothing in the bottom of stranger's basements and flea markets. We've been obsessed with the photographer Camila Falquez hailing from Barcelona, beautiful images that feature strong women in strong poses and wild clothing and the gorgeous new model Maria Tania

What are you musing about for this spring season? And what are you looking forward to wearing? Let us know in the comments below. 



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