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Solange at the Met Gala 2018 & Why You Should Buy Florida Water

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Solange Florida Water at Met Gala

Fashion fans watched on last night as celebrities hit the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum for the first Monday in May otherwise known as the Met Gala. Hosted by Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour and the Met, each year the Met Ball has a theme - this year was Catholicism. And the attendees did not disappoint with their boundary pushing looks as they gliding like gazelles up the Met steps.

But there was no one that did it better than Solange, showing up in an Iris Van Herpen dress, custom Brother Vellies lucite and latex thigh highs and a macrame bag holding none other than our customer favorite - Florida Water. Solange and her florida water has such cultural importance to us as she's bringing this spiritual water that we MBM girls use on the daily - straight into the mainstream. 

Florida Water has been available to brujas, healers and everyday folk since its inception in 1808 when its manufacturing began by Murray & Lanman - the company that still supplies it today. To say that the practice of using Florida Water is vintage would be an understatement. But what is Florida Water and why is our favorite woke superstar carrying it at the Met Ball? Spiritual protection! This is a tongue in cheek way of Solange letting the people know that she is not only aware of her own spiritual life, but she has the tools necessary with her at all times to be protected and grounded - just one of the benefits of using florida water.



There are a myriad of uses for Florida Water but the easiest way I like to describe Agua Florida is that it's like liquid sage. With its citrus and floral essential oils, this spiritual cologne is known to clear out negative energy and create protection for those that use it. But how do you use Florida water, you ask?

  • Rub down the body and feet for spiritual cleansing from negative energy and to cool down fevers.
  • Apply to the forehead to ease tension and headaches.
  • Mix with water and patchouli essential oil in a spray bottle for a room spray for energy clearing.
  • Apply to intentional or spiritual baths for magnification of your intentions and to bring in positive energy.
  • Mixed in with your non-toxic cleaning supplies for a beautiful and intentional floorwash in your home, office or sacred space. 
  • Sprinkle Florida Water around your desk at your workplace to avoid the absorption of co-worker energy around you. 
  • As a wash for your altar or meditation space to keep the energy clean.
  • Applied to the bottom of the feet for the intention of grounding your energy back to the earth. 

We're so excited to see Solange & her Florida Water at the Met Gala this year. "Met Gala 2018: See Photos from the Red Carpet - The New York Times" even wrote about Solange's show-stopping accessory too. Florida Water has been our #1 Seller since we opened our shop a year ago. We're just pumped that more and more people are getting to find out just how wonderful this magic spiritual water really is. 



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