Harlem USA is the place she was born and bred, Yanni is artist in every sense of the word. She's a singer, song-writer and she models effortlessly as if she could do it in her sleep. But the most special thing about her is that she dreams outloud with her feet planted firmly into the ground. A gentle soul with love beaming out from her heart and radiating outwardly.

Her spirituality is based in gratitude and the love she sees in others. Her religion is love. Reading and understanding new concepts that lead to self-expansion are some of the things that make Yanni tick. But her passion is seeped in music, hearing new sounds, melodies are what excite her and strike a chord. Lauryn Hill is like a music mother to her, connected on a soul level.

Working with Yanni is like a dream, she understands herself and her movement is fluid and like sorcery. She'll blind you with her light and pull you in with her warmth. She has been an immense inspiration to us as we were building Mothball Memoirs. She is beautiful, yes but it's her kindness is what makes her a magnetic force. We can't wait to hear the music that Yanni creates.
This Memoir was shot by Wil Alexander in Brooklyn, NY. Check out his work at www.wilalexanderphoto.com. Connect with Wil and Yanni on Instagram.


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