Hailing from Long Beach, California & living in Brooklyn - Jarae is that chill, laid-back, cool homie that you want to make your best friend. With her larger than life personal style and undeniable confidence that oozes from her aura, she's like kind of woman that you can help but stare at when she enters a room. Her energy commands your attention and we completely are entranced.

Jarae is a long time vintage lover which informs her work as an artist, stylist and model. She draws her inspiration for her artwork from Gustav Klimt and Frida Kahlo. When modeling, Jarae quite literally moves to her own beat, poses like a Goddess and brings something to the set that we yet to see from anyone else. That could be why i-D, Vogue, New York Mag, Teen Vogue have all featured our favorite Cali girl.

But with all the allocades aside, what makes Jarae shine so bright is how unapologetically herself she is. She's got her two feet planted into the earth, her self expression is her lifeline and she's just a real ass woman. There's nothing that will get in Jarae's way and that's just thing that we love about all of our MBM girls - they are fearless and unapologetic about getting what is destined for them. Check out Jarae's work at www.jaraeholieway.com and connect with her on Instagram at @blacmagic_woman!


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