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MBM Model Interview: Jarae Holieway

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This month’s MBM Girl is a California babe with confidence that pops and energy that radiates like the sun. Jarae vibes so naturally with us and we were so grateful for the magnetic energy and spunk she brought to our set. We caught up with her after our shoot where this Long Beach, CA native gave us all the details on her love of vintage and how it affects her life as a model and artist.

What does vintage mean to you? Why vintage over other kinds of styles and clothing?

Vintage for me is the merge between my two loves! Fashion, and history! Vintage clothing tells a story, there was purpose for it design before it became a trend which I find interesting. And owning a one of a kind piece that you’ll probably never see again is so special to me!

What is your favorite thing to wear?

A full red fit, red pants, red turtle neck, red coat, and top it off with a red beret!

What is your most meaningful piece of clothing?

A tee shirt that my best friend gave me! It says "When God created the black woman, he was just showing off!"

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

A "Laugh Now, Cry Later" ring that my Grandpa gave me!

What is your favorite piece that you modeled for MBM?

The red wide brimmed hat! Red is my power color, and structured wide brim hats give a sense of power and elegance.

As a model and artist, what inspires your artistry?

My two favorite artists: Frida Kahlo, and Gustav Klimt.

What specifically about Frida Kahlo inspires you?

Frida! Well, she’s badass for one! Beyond the visual beauty of her paintings, there was always something deeper for me. Her portraits always expressed feeling; whether it be alone, content, happy, hurt, or peace. You could tell she was a strong woman. She had experienced so much in her lifetime, but was still able to hold her head high and with a honest heart. She was vulnerable through her art, she was herself. I want to be like her! To this day, people still ask why she painted herself with a unibrow or mustache... That's what made her feel beautiful. She didn't care about beauty standards. And that is what I hope to portray through my photos.

There’s this quote by Frida that I love: "I used to think I was the strangest person in the world, but then I thought, there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do"  

I've felt this way for such a big part of my growing up, she was someone I could relate to.

That’s beautiful. What about Klimt? How were you introduced to his work? What makes you feel so connected to him?

I went to an art high school where I studied Klimt’s work. Immediately fell in love - it’s the way he painted women. He painted them as mothers, as lovers, as queens! Visually, his eye for detail and technique with gold leaf have created the most beautiful paintings in art history.

I love to take elements from these two artists, make it my own, and incorporate it into my art. With Frida her ability to create honest, strong, and empowering images. But a twist with elements of Klimt's soft, elegant, and rich feel.

Who were you in a past life?

Definitely a older woman, her prime was in the 70s she was a performer of many arts. She wore gaudy gold jewels, and had the most fabulous closet! In the spring she'd vacation in Palm Springs, and for fall somewhere tropical.

What is your favorite thing about your closest friend?

She brings out the greatest qualities in people! For me, she always brings out the wild, carefree dancer in me. She’s my partner in crime, especially on the dancefloor. We’re the girls in club battling each other, throwing stank faces, bay area style - getting hyphy!

How do you harvest positive energy?

I bump old Kanye!

What are you currently daydreaming about?

Summer, sunshine, brown skin, minimal clothing, and tropical weather!

What makes your heart explode?

When I'm under the sun, feeling all its beams, melanin poppin!

How do you get to a place of peace within yourself?

By making sure I the little things for myself, like soaking my feet, taking a bath, putting on a face mask.

What is on your nightstand?

Bamboo tree, a humidifier, and my favorite essential oils.

Any particular favorite essential oils?

Every night I use lavender oil to relax me, and help put me to sleep. Eucalyptus for my sinuses, and either sweet orange oil or lemongrass for some fresh zest!

Jarae’s positivity and artistic influences can practically be felt just by looking at her photographs. We can truly say we’ve never met anyone so full of life and spunk before - the confidence radiates off of her! It was an honor to capture her vibrant spirit as this month’s MBM Girl. Keep in touch with her on instagram at @blacmagic_woman and with us at @mothballmemoirs.



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