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DIY: Getting Odors of Out Vintage Clothes

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Whether you have vintage clothing that still has that previously worn smell, or you’ve been storing your off-season items in a basement or in the back of the closet, sometimes our favorite pieces can have an unpleasant scent to them. You want to wear something that makes you feel inspired and beautiful, but if it smells like storage or someone else’s old closet, it can definitely mess up your positive vibe.

While you might be inclined to reach for the Febreeze or even your favorite fragrance, there’s an easy and natural way to remove unpleasant odors with items you probably have around the house. Not to mention, this method is safer and a greater alternative to chemical ridden products you’d find in your local supermarket.

 What You’ll Need:

  • An empty spray bottle (preferably BPA free!)
  • Tap Water or Drinking Water (just not hard water!)
  • Vodka

Step One: Mix equal parts Vodka and Water in your spray bottle

  • Remember to try and use tap or drinking water.
  • For the Vodka, feel free to use low-grade because you’re not drinking it - it’s cheaper and will have the same effects.
  • Both should be room temperature

Step Two: Shake, then Spray!

  • Shake up your concoction for about 10-15 seconds
  • Hold the bottle about 2-3 feet away from the garment. (Take caution when using this on delicate fabrics like silk which may cause water stains). Don’t use on items like fur or suede.
  • Spray lightly and evenly
  • Make sure you don’t saturate the garment with your water vodka mix. You don't want to create water stains! Spray lightly.

Step Three: Air Dry

  • Let air dry & slip on your fresh smelling pieces

Wearing previously loved clothing and lending your story and character to the garment is a beautiful way to decrease your carbon footprint while making a fashion forward statement. While some vintage finds still maintain an old smell that can leave you feeling uninspired, this natural odor neutralizer is a great alternative to chemical products that truly works.



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