"Bed-Stuy Brooklyn - take on the world, shit I got a life you can write a book on." That Jay-Z line describes Nikki perfectly. Hailing from Bed-Stuy and born to Puerto Rican and Chinese parents, Nikki is the type of human that would give you the shirt off her back without hesitation. That type of love you could only expect from a New York girl - loyal and always ready to hold you down.


Nikki knows that family is everything and she treats everyone she meets like they've known each other forever. She has this quality that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Outspoken and fun, she is the life of the party at all the functions, rallying up all her friends and always making them feel good about themselves. These are the type of feminine connections we want in 2017! Your girls that want the best for you and only lift you up.

But beauty and good vibes aren't the only thing that makes Nikki shine the way she does - she knows what she wants and gets it. Climbing the corporate ladder, Nikki has made leaps and bounds with her career as an executive assistant. She's crushed her goals in the office and in the gym - time and time again. But don't get it twisted, Nikki will fuck a piece of pizza with the quickness. Everyone brings their own energy to the set when we're shooting, Nikki was effortless and calm but brought that New York realness that we love so much. Girls like Nikki are what drives us to keep motivating and keep creating. Connect with Nikki on Instagram here.



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